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Why is Chippy’s convenient?

Back to school shopping can be a bit of a hassle but we’ve got it down to a science here at Chippy’s. All we need is your child’s list and we can pack everything together so all that’s left for you to do is collect and pay. It’s the faster, more convenient and socially distant way of getting all those school things together so you can go back to everything else on your plate!

Why do Bundy & Wide Bay Choose Chippy’s?

With all of our years of experience in the region as a local business, we’ve served generations of parents since they were children and we’ve formed connections with almost all of the schools nearby. If you tell us the school your child attends, we can probably pull up their book list ourselves and save you having to find your copy! Even pre-pandemic, our pick-up service gave Bundy and Wide Bay parents a huge chunk of their time back by doing all the searching and packing instead. We’re the convenient choice for quality supplies!

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